Tailoring Your Luxury Lifestyle

Aiya Tulemaganbetova helps affluent  people from Central Asia, Middle East and Europe to start a successful life in the United States of America.

A Unique Tailored Approach

That helps every client to achieve their dream outcome.

Working hand in hand with my clientele, I am able to create a custom plan for every customer. My team-driven, individual approach allows for the correct allocation of resources to aid the clients in successful real estate, investment, and/or their personal relocation.

My aim is simple: to have each personal and professional goal diligently sculpted and then achieved through private consultations. I bolster an intrinsic network and expertise to facilitate valuable exchanges that give the desired end result to my clients.

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With comfort and ease as the top priorities, Aiya frames a head start for her relocating clients. Thorough, exclusive consultations, as well as a personal touch, allow her to tailor a new environment that perfectly suits any individual’s needs.

Aiya also facilitates the international and/or local moving process to make it as comfortable and stress-free for her clients as possible. Comprehensive A-Z services provided by Aiya cover every relocation and assimilation aspect her clients may face.



Aiya facilitates over $140 million dollars in real estate property transactions — both personally and as part of development firms such as Zachekndorf Development with a total portfolio of $4 billion dollars.

Aiya also works with Costas Kondylis & Associates, AvalonBay, The Shemesh Team, Extell Marketing Group LLC, Kolter Healthy Home, Toll Brothers, and many others, prosperously navigating the US real estate market for her clients. She provides clear, actionable advice thanks to her nuanced understanding of market volatility. Her profound knowledge and experience allow her to successfully help her clients expand their real estate holdings.



Aiya has sustainably grown her clients’ individual net worth by implementing calculated investment strategies. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, trade disruptions, elections, and the subsequent market volatility, Aiya’s due-diligent approach has generated steady, exponential financial growth. Her researched and tested methodology creates opportunities for her clients to discover novel sources of substantial income.

Meet Aiya

Aiya Tulemanganbetova is an acclaimed international concierge relocation specialist with profound awareness of the American market and deep ties to the local US communities. She has accumulated years of experience in tailoring effective investment strategies and is now helping high-net-worth individuals grow their real estate portfolio.

Aiya preaches a téte-a-téte approach in her services and provides in-depth private consultations to her clients both in English and Russian. Aiya successfully guides people relocating from Central Asian countries through the intricacires and challenges of starting a thriving life in the United States.

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