With comfort and ease as the top priorities, Aiya frames a head start for her relocating clients. Thorough, exclusive consultations, as well as a personal touch, allow her to tailor a new environment that perfectly suits any individual’s needs.

Aiya also facilitates the international and/or local moving process to make it as comfortable and stress-free for her clients as possible. Comprehensive A-Z services provided by Aiya cover every relocation and assimilation aspect her clients may face.

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Many of my clients have reached high success at home because they know their home country and its specifics inside out. Yet, when interested in relocating abroad, they face a steep learning curve in developing a prosperous continuity of both their personal and professional lifestyle.

From selecting the right school or university for their children to finding a community that fits their preferences and expectations, there is a multitude of details to consider. Through a personal approach, I am better able to understand the client’s particular needs and wants and find a fitting area of residence that harmonizes their career and familial prospects.

These include, but are not limited to, their office location, schools that cater to the district, and the various services which are offered in proximity to the residence. I also help my clients navigate the unique US corporate culture and etiquette. To ensure every client’s seamless adjustment to the new commercial and business environment, I consult people in the areas of visa acquirement and the necessary documentation, turning to the help of experts from narrow fields.

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With over 25 years working with high net worth individuals, we’ve built strong relationships, and deep indsutry knowledge allowing us to give our clients a head start when starting a life in the US. Our team has specialists in every sector and will be happy to assist your transition into the US market.

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