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Aiya Tulemanganbetova is an acclaimed international concierge relocation specialist with profound ties to the local US communities, possessing both English and Russian language proficiency.

She has garnered years of experience consulting high-net-worth individuals on investment strategies, notably in their path toward growing their real estate portfolio. Through on-the-ground personal and private consultations and a téte-a-téte approach to her services, Aiya aids individuals from Central Asian countries in launching a successful life in the United States.

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The Journey

Stepping onto the bustling New York streets, filled with the awe-inspiring, radiating light of Times Square, I was eager to start my new life in the great United States of America. Yet, as I began to establish my personal real estate portfolio, the hidden obstacles slowly started to rise from beneath the brightly-colored surface.

The laws for a foreigner differed starkly from those for US citizens, which could hinder expansion if not cleverly navigated. As I started digging deep into the issue, I did lots of research and consulted with a plethora of experts, gaining a key understanding of the novel market. Upon overcoming various challenges and making an immense investment into gaining and sorting the precise knowledge, I embarked on my journey of giving other individuals a head start to build a long-term, successful livelihood in this country.

The Process

Theoretical knowledge and practical application often diverge. Thus, to give relevant, precise, and actionable advice, I began with my personal portfolio. The trial and error approach allowed me to sort the immense inflow of information, and this experience gradually translated into a tailored outflow of expertise. Through personal losses and gains, I navigated multiple challenges, learning the know how’s and defining a systemized approach I then implemented with my first clients.

Present Day

Utilizing this customized approach, I managed portfolios accumulating an overall worth of $140 million dollars. From large enterprises to personal family investments, I have meticulously sought to better the lives of my clients by taking their life earnings and translating them — through concierge relocation — into sustainable interests in the United States. I have grown through investment strategy and real estate advisory personal assets, putting systems in place for stable advancement.


Zardozi & A

Zardozi is most notable for its exquisite Indian embroidery, completely handmade with golden threads, showing exotic patterns and artistic imagery within each piece. Our company’s collection is made of the highest quality materials, such as noble French velvet and delicate French chiffon, Italian silk, and hosts handmade craftsmanship from the distant lands of Jaipur-India and Kazakhstan.


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